Video Equipment & Studio Services

Filmed in High Definition in Orlando Florida


Photography Studio Rentals

Our studio in Orlando is perfect for your next photo shoot.  1000 square feet of air-conditioned space that comes pre-lit with continuous florescent daylight bulbs.  An 18 ft. long white cyclorama with over 15 ft. height.  Black Room (pre-lit) for video shoots or headshots or as a spacious changing room for hair and makeup.  Kitchenette with a sink and refrigerator, microwave.  New rates as of July 1, 2016.  $ 35. per hour weekdays.  $40 per hour weekends (2 hr. minimum).

Green Screen / White Cyc  Space

Our studio is also perfect for your next video shoot.  Whether its a green screen shoot or on the white cyc or even black curtains for a backdrop, we offer versatility.  We also offer portable green and blue screen rentals… call 407-299-8114 for info.

call 407-299-8114 for info.


In House Equipment Rentals

The Short List… More lights, support gear, gadgets, etc.

Nikon D-7100 (1080p) – 50mm 1.8, 18-200mm

Panasonic Lumix FZ-1000 4K, 1080p camera

Canon G-20 Camcorder – 1080p

Vinten Tripod

Slider Dolly – 18″

Mini-Dolly – 48″

Atomos Ninja 2 – HDMI Video Recorder/Monitor

Audio Gear – 2 wireless lavalier UHF Samson mics

Audio Gear – Sennheiser Boom Mic with pole

Audio Gear – 2 wireless lavalier UHF Samson mics

Teleprompter – Ipad or Laptop

Lowell DP/Omni light kit

Black Magic Studio Switcher – 6 camera live switcher

Call for Prices.

Timelapse set buiding for the making of “Hallowed Ground”, the short film by Ken Barr and Dean Baker

ENG/EFP Shooter Packages

High Definition Video Production Orlando FloridaCameras Available – Nikon D7100, Panasonic 4K, 

Call for quote (407) 299-8114Nikon D7000 Camera Package available at Post FX Digital Studios

Hi Definition Panasonic FZ-1000 or Nikon D-7100 Shooter Pkg.     $ 600. day
4k, 1080P – follow focus, shoulder rig, tripod, light kit, audio package.

All camera packages come with tripod, wireless mic, hand mic, 3x 500watt light kit, battery light and Camera Operator.

post fx on the set
6 ft. Jib Arm for rent

Dolly/Jib arm and track

Western Dolly w- mini Jib/16 ft. track/bogen head/rubber wheels & track wheels

HD Location Video Production Orlando Florida

Easy Rider 6 ft. Jib Arm available for rent….Call

On location Photography Indie films in Orlando - Shot at Full Sail School

Post Production/Editing

Primary Edit Suite:
Adobe CS5.5 Quad core Digital Suite, 2 Terrabytes hard drive space.   $75. per hour  $ 600. per day ( with editor )
Secondary Edit Suite:
Adobe CS5.5 Quad core Digital Suite, 2 Terrabytes hard drive space. $25 per hour  $200. per day ( without editor )