Film Production Office – Suite P – $50. per day

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Film Production Office – Suite P – $50. per day

Perfect for casting calls, production meetings, script readings, video interviews, video editing sessions.

This 200 square foot (19ft. x 12ft.) Meeting room is a 2nd floor walk up (staircase only).  It is equipped with tables and chairs.  Has wifi, 2 bathrooms and plenty of parking.

Call Dean @ 407-924-3946

Lumix FZ-1000 on Frankenrig

Now filming in 4K at Post FX Digital Studios !

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I think I will call it FrankenRig !

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4K at Post FX !

4K at Post FX !

We’re trying 4K at Post FX Digital Studios!  The Panasonic FZ-1000.  “I’m extremely pleased with the results with this camera.  We’ll be running many tests before purchasing something bigger.”